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If I leave RC can i still use my email address?

If i leave RC can I keep all of the information (teams, people, notes, etc.) under my current glip account by simply logging in with just my email now? instead of my RC number?
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Even if a person cancels their account, their account remains suspended in the RC system. They do this in case the account holder changes their mind and wants to restart the service. With the account in this status you will not be able to do what you want to do. Then after the 30-days, from an experience I am aware of, its like starting a new Glip account over. At least that happened in the case I am aware of. Basically you are an RC captive for at least 30-days where you cant access Glip without your phone account, whether or not you have a free or paid Glip account.
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That doesn't seem right, since the Glip accounts are free to a degree and you don't need a RC line to be able to use the basic functions such as messaging, etc.Why would they lock you out of what was free to begin with and not just revert account to the free model? I can see where things like phone logs and messaging would be an issue, but not notes, messages, etc. I believe you can export at least certain data types at any time to backup/archive, etc., but obviously that would need to be done before shutting down the paid account.
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Whether it seems right or not, it is a fact. I have personally seen this occur. The case I was referring to, a client of mine, was someone who had a free Glip account before RingCentral purchased Glip. They were already a RingCentral client so Glip then ended up becoming part-and-parcel of their RingCentral account. When they cancelled theirRingCentral account it actually took 45 days for them to be able to "resume" with a free account. This was after many back and forth support emails with Glip support (not RC support proper but rather the specialized Glip support team). They were told that this interconnect when someone leaves RC was something they were working on to make better and easier to deal with. Certain items still remained within their Glip account but as I recall, certain teams did not remain.

I fear that the interconnectivity will be even more difficult to separate with the Glip app now being the "RingCentral phone app". That's just my 2 cent opinion on that issue. Other's opinions may vary.
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Jan, can't quite read your tone, but just to be clear, I wasn't questioning your experience. Rather, was trying to convey that it doesn't seem right, if that be the case, for RC to lock everything down just because someone connected a line of service to the otherwise free glip account and now wants to let the line(s) go. I believe Glip is still completely free at, and has nearly all of the features of the $5/user paid version. It just seems strange that they would hold someone hostage like that, but am not surprised by much anymore. 
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I've started a chain of communication with a RC contact for my account and according to her i should just be able to use my email instead of my RC number she has not mentioned anything about being locked out for a month. I'm going to try and get a straight answer from her and my account managers to see what they say as well. Thank you both for the input thus far.
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Unless something has recently changed regarding support responsibilities, the previous case was dealing with Glip support since regular RingCentral support could not handle a Glip matter. However, considering that Glip is now the "RingCentral phone" you might have better luck than my client.
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I wasn't sure what you meant by "...that doesn't seem right" but there was not meant to be any tone. I'm sorry if it came across that way. I totally agree that it should not even be an issue but my client had to endure it for close to 45 days. It turns out that that midway through the 30 day period, RC support changed the "disabled" date, for some unknown reason, 15 days into the future. So even though the date they cancelled the service might have been (fictitious dates here) March 1st, with the 30-days disabled period supposed to end around March 31st, the "new" end of disabled date was now April 16th. Glip support   then had to "disassociate" the email address of the Glip account from the same email address on the RIngCentral Office account. It was truly a mess.

I agree that even the $5 /user paid version has most of the features that you would find in the Glip Phone app, although obviously it will not have any functionality that requires a VOIP account. The paid user does receive 1,000 video minutes per month, per user. The free version user receives 500 video minutes per month. These prices are from the Glip pricing web site page.

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