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Error code: 3010 when attempting to start a meeting.

When attempting to start a meeting, the meeting crashes and gives the error code: 3010

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall Ring Central Meetings. Im on Windows 10. 
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I'm having the same issue. Yes I can JOIN meetings but am unable to Start my own
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Hey Everyone,

I'm going to need more information.

1) What type of computer and operating system are you on?
2) What version of Meetings are you on?
3) Are you using the Free version of Meetings or do you have an RC account?
4) Does this happen every time you join or start a Meeting? Or is it random?
5) Have you tried using a different computer and do you have the same issue?
6) What Meeting ID are you trying to use or join?
7) Can you post a screen shot of the error message?
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1. Lenovo Thinkpad T480s with Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
2. 6.3.1
3. Free Version
4. Anytime I try to start a meeting. I can still join meetings. 
5. Yes the same issue on multiple PCs
6. 682-258-7858
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I am having the same issue on account I just set up but never used
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I am using free version but have a PC account, I have used for a yr now was gonna purchase air time for the account but if this is gonna be an ongoing issue I Will look elsewhere for my needs. I can join but not start my own. Using on Dell desk top win 10 Toshiba laptop win 10 Android device Have tried on all and get same error when I attempted to start my own meetings , I even went though and set up a New account and tried to start a meeting and still got that error code the. Went to the RC website and tried to join via web browser from RC and a message saying cannot join bc connectivity issues check your internet connection.. I hope this information is helpful.
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Same here, 
MacBook Air High Sierra 10.13.6
Free version of RC
Every time it happens
Can't try other devices.

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I am getting the same 3010 error as well when I try to host a meeting. I can join other peoples meetings.
Dell Inspiron15 7000 series
Meetings Version 6.3.15457.1221
Free Version
Error occurs every time I try to host a meeting. I can join other peoples meetings using there ID number.
I get them same error message Alex DuVall posted.

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