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Park Call Display on Polycom

I know using and parking a call on the ring central app on a cell phone it shows on the screen what line the call is parked on, is there a way to view on the Polycom display what line the call is parked on? The voice recording takes a long time to give you the line number... Thank you.

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bond007dmc9787 avatar image bond007dmc9787 commented ·
It never ceases to amaze me how something like this in this system should be a BASIC necessity and norm, but the answers come back, "no can do" or, "vote to make that a "feature" request. :(
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Don't think they can display the info but you can set up your park extension numbers. So when you park it goes to the same number each time. 
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Jennie Jones avatar image Jennie Jones commented ·

Anyway to remove the park notifications from coming up? I do not need to see that a call was parked.They freeze on my screen i have to log out to get them to go away. Can i stop them from coming up all together? parks.jpg

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Jennie Jones commented ·

@Jennie Jones, I don't think there's an option for this. You may ask assistance from the Tech Support Team to help you re-provision your phone since you're having issues with the freezing screen.

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danno147 avatar image danno147 commented ·
Unfortunately not.
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Jennie Jones avatar image Jennie Jones danno147 commented ·

well Boo...those three in the picture are stuck there. They wont go away. I have to log my whole system off to remove them. Thank you so much.

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christopher-chow avatar image christopher-chow commented ·
I want the ability to Park Calls to what they call "Private Park Locations" these are parking locations set up near the call group settings. If we could just "park to private locations" on the desk phones, then we could use the soft buttons to access them! 

add this feature!
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