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Recipients not receiving my "successfully sent" faxes

1. Canada

2. Case ID: 07967367 is only one of them

3. I continue to have issues with pharmacies not receiving my faxes despite a successful sent. I tested many today and called them each. They are the same pharmacies. I am able to receive faxes from them but they cannot receive mine. This has been going on for two years now. Ring Central has a responsibility to make its system compatible with all faxes. Some faxes (especially toll-free numbers) may have restrictions with receiving a fax only from certain area codes which makes me wonder whether my faxes are not being rerouted through a different area code. I know for a fact that at least once, the recipient stated that my fax came form a different area code. WHAT IS GOING ON?

4. I have begged with the pharmacists to call their fax providers as Ring Central has been useless.

5. I don't see the software version. I use a web-based version with the following copyright 1999 - 2019 RingCentral Intellectual Property.

6. This is my fax number. I am the only account holder.

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We have a lot off issues with faxing too. Its something I have worked with RC for a couple years. I am told that they are happy with a 82% success rate. We have had to go with another fax solution as our primary fax. And use RC as a back up 
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Hey Francesca, I understand how frustrating it can be. Not all fax machines are able to receive faxes from a VoIP provider, which is what RC is. You're taking a digital copy, turning it into an analog copy, and then sending it via the internet. It doesn't act the same as sending from one analog device to another via a landline. 

From what Support has gathered, the RC system has successfully sent the message. Once we have sent out the message, we don't have any effect on how the receiving end reacts, which is why these types of scenarios are frustrating. There are some settings that the receiver can make to help them receive VoIP faxes and I've listed them below. There's still a chance it will not fix things 100% of the time.

If your business relies heavily upon faxing, I do recommend keeping a traditional fax line so that your success rate is much higher.

Fax Settings:

  1. Baud Rate to 9600 or slower
  2. ECM (Error Correction Management) turned OFF
  3. If available on your Fax Machine, turn on VoIP Mode
  4. If VoIP mode is not available, enable Overseas mode (again, if available)

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When i call the support they asked me to post my query here.

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Merr....there is a setting that they can change on the back end. If you open a case, I can attach the instructions in it 
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The Case Number 08600539. If you can please provide the instructions i will follow up with the support.
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Thanks! I made a comment in the case that lets them know where to change the Parked Call-Back setting. This is defaulted to 300 seconds and can be lowered for your account :)
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