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International calling is extremely confusing and not consistent within the apps.

List of Enabled international sites does not match the list for a meeting. Specifically the option to Invite by Phone which is really Call Out. RingCentral does not offer incoming local numbers and those countries do not have access to the internet. They have no way of joining a meeting. This was not clear when RingCentral advertised international support. We verified the countries of most importance were on the list so it was misleading. There are additional conversations, many several years old, requesting various countries be added for local numbers or enabled for call out. To date very few have been added although requested. What is the long term plan to meet the needs of those customers requiring international access?

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Hi Brady, 

The PM team is constantly looking to improve international functionalities. We recently received word of the below announcement, which I think you might be interested in! 

Announcement: Premium Conference Numbers Beta
We are excited to announce beta availability of Premium Conference Numbers on RingCentral Meetings.

Premium Conference Numbers feature allows you to purchase toll and toll-free numbers from our International Virtual Numbers country list (~119 countries) and assign them to RingCentral Meetings.


Once purchased, Premium Numbers will automatically display in meeting invitations and will be available when scheduling meetings.

Please send an email to and with your RingCentral Account ID if you are interested in being part of the beta. We are looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!
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