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Glip Video chat repeatedly downloads Ring Central Meetings Installer on MacOS

All my group is using MacOS 10.13 or above, almost every time we start a Video conference with Glip, it prompts to download the RingCentralMeetingsInstaller.pkg again, which installs RingCentral, and its not an update, its the same old version that was already installed, dated 12 March 2019

This is confusing each user, most are not tech savvy, as they need to run the installer, ignore the popup that suggests to login to a meeting, then go back to Glip, and pick Join again.

There is no way for us to know whether it will need to download and install again or not, I cant predict or repeat it, but on my Mac, based on the downloaded files, its about 50% of the time, over 2 months and I video conference once a week, and this symptom occurs on every user, both on our local network and remote.

I have submitted a support request for this, but no update as yet. Anyone else?

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Hey Mark, I'm really sorry for this experience. I've followed up with the Glip Support Team and they're going to continue to investigate this behavior.
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Support at RC never understands a single issue. I don't know who they hire or how this company was ever built. This feature has been a problem since I signed up for Ring Central 3 years ago and not one single thing has been done about it. In 2019, why can't Glip/RC simply open a video link inside the Glip/ringcentral app to another user of the app??? 

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A fix for this is being pushed out the first week of August! 
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I beleive I have isolated the fault, there is a background process called RingCentralOpener that needs to be running for the Video conferencing to work, and this is only run after RingCentral is started.    

The problem is that when initiating a Video call in Glip,    he obviously looks for this running process,  and if not found he initiates the download of the installer again.   

Obviously the solution is simple,  Glip needs to launch RingCentral instead of telling the user to install it again 

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I just called tech support to follow up why its taking a month to respond to my ticket, and they said they already closed it with the answer "this is normal behaviour"

Does anyone use the Video Call/Conference within Glip,  does this 'normal behaviour happen' to you to?  

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A fix for this is being pushed out the first week of August!

So far RC has missed the first week of August 2019 and the first week of August 2020.

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Hi Joseph,

This was a known issue previously, but we've confirmed with our Product team that it should no longer be an issue as of last year. If you're still experiencing this issue, please reach out to Columbia University's internal Helpdesk for further assistance.

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I am an engineer at Columbia University IT . The Helpdesk refers tickets to me to solve. We don't make the Ringcentral product so we don't know how to assist anyone with this problem. What was done to fix this a year ago?

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Joseph, we've been in touch with your CSM to follow up on this issue.
Please let us know if they do not reach out.

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As an aside, are you using Safari, @Joseph Brennan?
If you are, it is not supported.

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This also happens to Win10. Every time I open a meetings link through the phone app in my desktop, it redirects me to the browser, it will open a Ringcentral meetings window with a pop out prompt that asks me if I want me to open from the app, before I even click "yes" it will automatically download the installer. I use meetings every day, and this happens every time I use it, it's annoying!

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