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Does RingCentral integrate with Calendly?

Does RingCentral integrate with Calendly? Or does RingCentral have its own calendar system where others can schedule meetings that is set up like Calendly? I know RingCentral has its own calendar system that can integrate with Office365 which would work for us but does it have the option to add a questionnaire for others to answer before scheduling the meeting? What about taking payments? I'm with a CPA firm where clients have to pay to set up meetings or put a deposit down before the meeting is set up is there an option for this with RingCentral meetings?

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I agree with this request, it would be nice if RC Video/Meetings would integrate with Calendly or have a similar featured solution to Calendly where customers could sign up for meetings with RC users and it automatically generate the RC Meeting information into Calendly invite.

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