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Ring Central Phone or Ring Central, Just Pick One Already and Make it Clear to Customers Which to Use

During the transition (for lack of a better term) customer service has indicated I should keep both apps (this was pursuant to an ongoing issue with the unified app receiving, but not sending , sms texts). Is that still true, and if so is there a point where Ring Central Phone officially gets retired and users should only use Ring Central. Its confusing at present, and it would be nice to just have one app to use.

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Hey Brette,

This post may help answer some questions you may have. We are indeed working on a Unified app - this way you won't have to download multiple apps. It's going to take some time to reach feature parity but the Product Team is working on it :)
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Saadet, note that at the top of your first linked article, this appears...

"NOTE: The RingCentral for Apple Watch is no longer available for download. If already installed, the app will continue to work and previously downloaded content will still be accessible."

I never uninstalled it but it's no longer on my Apple Watch and it's not an option to reinstall via the Apple Watch app store.

I would love for RC to eventually include support for some Apple Watch functions with the new RingCentral app, but given the direction they are going with supporting Apple Watch today, I don't hold out much hope.
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