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Problems after update

Is anyone else having problems after this latest update? We've got weird things happening, like multiple calls coming in from the same # at the same time, calls dropping for no reason, statuses not updating on the HUD and on the mobile app. 
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I have had a few reports of the desktop app not updating user statuses and call state in the HUD. It has been sporadic and not constant. I have not taken the time yet to engage support.
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HUD is intermittently not working properly. Not showing correct status or not popping up window on an incoming call.
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Hey Carol, are you still having issues?
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Yes, still having the same problems and others. When someone other than the receptionist grabs a call (as it goes down the pre-assigned chain when she's on the phone), it just disappears. Doesn't show her that the person that grabbed it is on the call. Just vanishes. 

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Hey Carol, 

Open a case with our Tech Support team and they'll check it out! 

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I updated the new Ring Central App and it is very difficult to read now because there is no contrast between the split screens. There used to be a blue strip on the left with white lettering that made it easier to see who messaged you and it was a contrast to the right side which was the teams. Also, the calendar is not as accessible as before. I learned that if you click on the tray icon and go to All Events you can get to it, but it shows the events in list form rather than the monthly calendar. In order to get to the monthly calendar I need to click on Monthly. Way to many steps! Any way to change this back?

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