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Error code 104101

A software vendor I work with has recently started using RingCentral Meetings.  I was able to download and install the client, but each time I try to join a meeting I get an error code 104101.  I have a feeling it is a firewall issue with my employer but I wanted to reach out here first to attempt to better define the issue for our IT team.

I use a Windows 7 PC.  RingCentral meetings version 19.4.23042.1217

Is anyone familiar with this error code and its cause?
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Hey Stacey, 

I was not able to find any information on that error number. Does it come with any other verbiage? 
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Here is a screenshot of the error.  
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Your original suspicion was correct, this should be tied to your firewall settings.

RC meetings has similar network requirements to the rest of the RingCentral phones:

The sections that specifically relate to meetings are:

Section 4 - Table 2, End-to-End QOS

Section 6 - IP supernets

Section 8.6 - Table 6 - Whitelists including: ,,, ,,,, &

Section 10 - Bandwidth Appendix B - table B.6 - B.8 - meetings ports

*Section 4 and Section 7 also discuss the bandwidth requirements for RC meetings.

Note: WiFi is not recommended to be used with this service. Please use a wired Ethernet connection to ensure a quality connection.

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