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Restrict Access to the Main Company Thread/Group Chat

We are trying to add a user to our company's RingCentral system. This particular user is not an employee (a vendor/consultant) so he should not have access to our main company thread where all users on our RingCEntral account is being added automatically. Is there any way to do this?

admin portal
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Hello Nax!

You can totally delete or disable the user which does not belong in your organization.

You need to log in as an administrator in your glip application.

Click the contacts on the lower left side panel of the application and look for the people who do not belong. 

On the side, there should be 3 horizontal dots, there should be an option to delete.

Please let me know if you have further questions! 

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Hi Jenn, 

I'm logged as an admin but I don't see the option to remove a user on the main company thread. The only option I have when clicking the three dots under manage users is to add them as an admin.  I understand that the company thread is created by RingCentral system by default and it has special permissions in terms of adding and removing users. 

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Hi Nax!

That is not in your company thread, you need to remove it on the contacts itself.

So it will automatically remove it on your thread.

Go to contacts, on the lower-left panel and look for the email address or name of the user and click the 3 dots.


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This particular user is not yet added on our RingCentral account. So my question is, if we assign extension for him and assign a direct number, he will be added on the company thread automatically right?
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Hi Nax,

Thanks for clarifying that!

Yes! You are right, it will automatically be added to our company.

However, it will depend on your settings, if we wish to allow him/her to have access to RingCentral App.

You can create a role that can customize the functionality that we want for an extension that we created.

Please see this link for Role Overview. Also, check the related article below the overview. Thanks! 

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We just really want to add this user to RingCentral with an extension and direct number without him having access to the main company thread.
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