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RingCentral Meetings desktop app freezes a few seconds after video starts

When I start a call and turn on video on my desktop app, the video freezes. The app has permissions to access camera so not sure what is causing this. Please help troubleshoot.
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I have the video freezing problem on an older Macbook Pro running Mojave, I also would like to avoid an update to Catalina. 
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I have several users reporting this as well--all on Macs. Some freeze as soon as the meetings are started and some will randomly freeze during the meeting, with audio continuing to work. The machine becomes unresponsive, although the cursor is able to move. The meeting cannot be Force-quit and the only way to regain control is to restart the machine with the key combo.
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Are you on a Mac or PC? I'm currently working with support with this issue on a Mac that has the 2020-002 security update released on the 24th. I am interested in how wide spread this issue will become if you are in this subset. Updating to catalina fixes the issue, but unfortunately we cannot do that update yet.
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I'm on a PC.
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Hello Everyone!

I would suggest uninstalling ad reinstall the app if this won't work, please create a case so that our phone support will be contacted you at your most convenient time. 

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I tried the uninstall and reinstall and the situation persists.

Mac Mojave 10.14.6. with latest RC and RC Meetings installation.  Freeze, video freeze, and ultimately machine stops running period.
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