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Profile picture not displaying in meetings

I am trying to figure out why I cannot get my profile picture to show up during meetings.  Some people at our company have their profile pictures displaying but many don't:

None of the people I've asked know what they did to get their profile pics to display.  They said they just showed up.

Any ideas?
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Assuming you have an account. Log onto your RC account.
Look for "My Profile" under the top dropdown.
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I logged in here:

And I don't see a "My Profile" link anywhere.

Am I not using the right URL?

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i suggest downloading the RC app (letter R in the center). then log in and you should be able to find it. 
i am using a MacBook but it will be similar to the attachment. 
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I actually already have the app and my profile picture has been there ever since I started using it:

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Hello Keith,

Go to RingCentral App, click your profile picture on the upper right > go to Preferences > Under Video Meetings, make sure that Video Service is set to RingCentral Meetings.
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I don't see a setting for "Video Service".  Once I click on Preferences I scroll down to "Video Meetings" and then there are three options:

Video Settings
Personal Meeting ID
Host Key

When I edit the Video Settings, I get another screen with the following:


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Create a meeting with your self using GLIP - copy invite and open on another browser via Ring Central Meetings App for desktop it should populate the image you have set on your profile. 

Not sure how or why this worked but profile picture is there now. 

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This works!

1. Log out from RingCentral Meetings
2. Visit your respective app store and update RingCentral app mobile to the latest version available
3. Log in to RingCentral app mobile
4. Tap the Menu (three horizontal lines) icon (Android) or your profile picture (iOS), then tap Settings
5. Go to Settings > Video > Video Service, then change it to to RingCentral Meetings.
6. Go back to the main screen, tap the Menu icon again, then tap Edit on your profile picture
7. Update your profile picture, or reupload your current picture if you prefer to continue using it
8. Wait for about 5 minutes, then tap Video and start a meeting
9. Stay in this meeting for 10 minutes to allow the profile picture to sync with the servers. End the meeting afterwards

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