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RingCentral Video Schedule on Behalf of Others

RingCentral Video Schedule on Behalf of Others function appears to have been updated/changed as of the week beginning April 20, has anyone else noticed this? 

What was working last week, is now not working at all and the interface is different.  I no longer have a drop down option listing my Executives by whom I can schedule appointments on behalf of.  The update also appears to have changed the way Outlook Calendar Appointments are created.  

I have contacted Technical Support and raised a case.  The really interesting situation here is that Technical Support told me that RC Video is unable to schedule on behalf of others therefore I should move over to the RC Meetings platform.  Obviously, this advice was incorrect as I then supplied the YouTube video which clearly explains and displays the 'Schedule on Behalf of Others' function.  It also appears in the RC Video User Guide.

I get the distinct impression that there has been a development upgrade within the RC Video Schedule on Behalf of Others feature causing a bug, however the development changes have not been communicated to Technical Support, am I right?  For that matter, Technical Support appear to be leaning RC Video on the run.

Could the bugs in RC Video Schedule on Behalf of Others please be addressed and could the communication between Developers and Technical Support be drastically improved. 

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