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Chrome extension no longer able to create new RingCentral Meeting from Google Calendar event.

The Chrome extension used to work wonderfully for creating new RingCentral Meetings from right within Google Calendar, but as of late last week, the option to create a new meeting has simply disappeared - I now only have the option to "Add Google Meet video conferencing".

I opened a case with RingCentral support (10754179), and was told that this was a result of a recent update on their end, but was told to post something here as well.

I'm running Chrome version 83.0.4103.61, RingCentral Meetings version 19.4.152079.0420, and the RingCentral Chrome extension version 4.2.10 (all the most up-to-date versions that are available to me).

Software updates, removing and re-adding the extension, refreshing pages, etc. don't do the trick.

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Hi Trevor, I posted similar earlier today. - - RC support are working on a fix to this issue which has resulted they think following a change made by Google. I will try to get an estimated fix time and share here later.
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Thanks for this. I wasn't offered any information on timeline, so I'd be really interested to hear what they share with you on that front. 
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just checking on timeline - this is latest update from RC Integrations team although the workaround mentioned (install RC for G Suite addon) doesnt work for me. If I use Scheduler via the RC Meetings Desktop app there is an option to add the meeting into Google Calendar event - thats a workaround that does work for me. Here's the response from RC:
"It appears the problem has been caused by a change Google made on their side that is causing some issue with the way the RC Chrome ext. injects the meetings / conf options into the browser. Our integrations team have a bug ticket opened to work on correcting this (ticket - RCINT-14921). We will provide further info around a version / date for fix as soon as this is available. In the meantime, installing the RingCentral for G-suite add on appears to be the best workaround. You can install this directly from Google Calendar as below: 1. Open google apps menu in top right of Calendar: 2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select more from G suite market place 3. Search for RingCentral G Suite Add-on and install: After this the RC conf / meetings options should appear again in the dropdown menu when scheduling a new event."

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Yea, the add-on isn't a great solution since it simply names every meeting "Scheduled Event" which is far less than ideal for someone who's in upwards of a half dozen meetings per day. I'd be more than happy with the add-on as long as it named the events like the extension does.
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Thanks for bringing up this issue and thanks RC for the clarity on the fix.  Foundational feature from a usability stand point, will also try the work around.
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Hi, any updates on this feature being restored? Yes there are work arounds. Although from a functionality stand point, I want my paying users to see the the RC option in their calendars. Users shouldn't have to click out into another app to do schedule a RC Meeting. From a visibility standpoint, you are driving your users to another solution instead of your own by not resolving this. 
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