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Audio Conference Call New Ring Central Desktop App


I can't find a way to invite / schedule an audio only conference call from within the new RingCentral Desktop App.

I CAN do it on the iOS RingCentral app though.

Does this feature exist and if not, when will it exist?

Thank you.

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Hi, Becky. I'll add to this discussion by pointing out that the Knowledge Base article only addresses how to initiate a conference call within internal groups or teams of users (co-workers) who are using the Glip application. 

What is missing in the Glip app is the same functionality found in the RC Phone Desktop app and the mobile versions of the RC apps. In those apps, you can schedule and invite by text or email others to dial into a bridge line conference call. You can view the bridge line number and your participants and host codes and use those numbers to inform and set up conference calls with a number of external and internal participants.

You cannot find the RC Conferencing information anywhere in the Glip app. We cannot use the Phone tab in the Glip app to access the conferencing circles icon found in the mobile and desktop phone apps.  It's a big omission in the Glip app.

We have our users download the standalone desktop phone app in addition to the Glip app so they can access the conferencing feature. Sort of defeats the purpose of having the unified Desktop app in my estimation.

Thank you for supporting the addition of this feature to the Glip app.

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Spot on! When I'm scheduling conference calls, it's RARELY with my own people! Why was this removed? We should not have to leave the desktop app to schedule a conference call.

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Having the same issue. The ease of conference calling (number, IDs, start now, invite via text/email) is simply not functionally present in the RC Desktop App the way it is on the RC Mobile App, or RC Phone. Major oversight in the roll out of the the integrated RC Desktop App. I was told by chat support just yesterday that it is not available, wasn't included in the upgrade and that I have to keep using the mobile app or RC phone to access. Its a core feature of Ring Central. Fix it.

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Hello Gregg, we have forwarded this concern to our Product Team, but we don't have an update yet if this will be added or not. We will get back on this thread if we hear a progress. Thanks!

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Have there been any updates on adding the Conference Call feature on the new RC app yet? It's very inconvenient toggling between the 2 apps. Please advise. Thank you.

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Thank you for adding Audio Conferencing to the new RingCentral Desktop App !!! It is very much appreciated.

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Michael, This Knowledge Base article will help:
If you are still having issues, please feel free to add to this thread. 

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