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RingCentral app with embedded RingCentral Video not ready for prime time?

We excitedly upgraded to the latest RingCentral app with embedded RingCentral Video (moving away from the Zoom-based RingCentral Meetings) in June. We were happy that RingCentral was introducing their own videoconferencing software that can be fully integrating with their other services (we want a provider that can fully integrate voice, messaging, collaboration and videoconferencing, and had actually been looking at Zoom for this).

Unfortunately, after switching, we quickly discovered that RingCentral Video (although having a fine user interface) does not provide the same videoconferencing experience as the Zoom-based RingCentral Meetings. We immediately began having latency problems (caused by inefficient bandwidth utilization?) with both video and, especially audio. The audio performance was so bad, that we not hear each other and our clients for good chunks of the meetings we were conducting. Staff immediately lost confidence in RingCentral Video and we had to reverse course and downgrade back to Zoom-based RingCentral Meetings. After doing that, we are back to having a good audio and video experience with videoconferencing. Thankfully, switching back was relatively easy.

Are others having this bad experience with RingCentral Video? Is RingCentral aware of the bandwidth utilization / performance issues with the new product? If so, what is the timeline for updates?

This is a mission critical application for us, and the performance was so bad that we couldn't spend time with support to "fine-tune" the performance, given that RingCentral Meetings just "works" out of the box. I just received an RingCentral email today, noting that RingCentral Meetings would not be available on July 15th (on mobile). Given our experience, this move is way premature!

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Hi Everyone,

I have coordinated this to our Product Team. Once I get an information, we will update you. 
Thank you!
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Thank you, I found this, does that mean you can have 500 video callers?
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TY Mary :D
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I have reached out to our rep on this very subject today.  Does the new app have the HUD for the phones??
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Hi Dustin,

HUD is coming in Q4 2020.
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Is HUD still on track for this quarter? in the next 30 days?

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We are new to RingCentral in the past 8 months. A workforce of 60. Our meetings are 20 to 50 participants. The familiarity of the Zoom-based RC Meetings has made adoption fairly easy. Staff have loved it over MS Teams, which we also use, but not for video meetings any longer. A big down-side to Teams meetings was the small number of visible participants on a single screen. RC Video is limited to 16 visible participants, whereas RC Meetings allows up to 50  visible participants. Moving to, or as I understand it, eventually having no other option but RC Video in the near future, will be hugely disappointing. Especially worse if RC Video provides unacceptable audio and video experiences on top of it.
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Hi Randall,

Our Product Team is aware of this and is planning to add it.

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We are beyond concerned about the premature switch to Video given several critical features aren't available there yet. I am, frankly, a little stunned that Ring would be pushing this switch until the capabilities were on par.... if we have to resort to using Zoom to get what we now count on, we'll have to consider not renewing Ring overall. Saying the product team is aware doesn't cut it, I'd like to hear from management that Meetings won't be sunsetted until the features are available.

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I agree that RingCentral has taken two apps that work well and take up little real estate on my screen and combined them into one app that does not work well and takes up more bandwidth and screen space.

Apparently one can only use two monitors if screen sharing, at least according to RingCentral support. I use video for teaching and as a mediator and use one monitor to see the person I am speaking with and another to see the other participants so I can judge reactions. If this can't be fixed I will have to switch to another platform.

I was told I had a call on Park 3 and could not find how to pick it up in the app. I reopened RingCentral phone and took the call. I then looked in support and found the page on parking and retrieving calls. It appears that to retrieve someone off park you have to know the number they are on. The two times I have tried it, they have gone to "800" and "802." That is not compatible with the desk phones we have that have park 1, 2, and 3. HUD will fix this, I hope, but it cannot wait until 4th quarter. It should have been there from the get go.

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@arun-baheti I've connected with your account manager and am happy to work toward deferring your migration until you are ready.
Please follow up with us at our email address.

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Thank you. That will give us time to see if the new product contains the features we need to have and if the new product works as well (e.g., bandwidth issues). Based on that we can decide if we can stay with Ring.

I hope you let your management team (is there someone new maybe driving this?) know that this isn't some random game or shopping app where it doesn't need to work 100% and people will be satisfied to be experimented on. This is the core of how we operate as a business. I can't put my users at risk of work interruptions.

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And just to boot, not everyone uses Office 365, which is the way Ring Central is gearing their app towards. Scheduled meetings do not display in the "meeting center" because there is no choice to link your Outlook, however when you schedule a meeting, the app opens outlook to push out the meeting details in an email. Why one and not the other?

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