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Latest upgrades are actually downgrades

I have a 1 person company plan. Recently the latest updates to both RingCentral for Windows and the RingCentral App for Android have been more of downgrades than upgrades. For example...


- I have to keep the app open and running in the background to be able to receive calls and texts. In RC Phone app, it would always receive calls and texts. That is a MUST when running a business.

RESULT: I had to go back to RC Phone app which apparently is no longer supported. Great work RingCentral team :(


- Unable to search for texts older than a month unless I load previous messages multiple times until that text finally appears. This is insane as I would need to know exactly when that text chain occurred. I also find it ridiculous that the phone app can easily find text conversations when searching for numbers regardless of how old the text is.

- The newest version ONLY allows group texts to see each other's names/contact info and responses, unlike the android app where that feature can be turned off. WHY include that feature on one but not both programs?

RESULT: I have to downgrade to 19.4 Ringcentral for Windows.

Question? Why do I need to go BACKWARDS to keep my features?

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Are you an iPhone user?  With the recent updates we have seen the symptoms you described strictly with iPhone users.  I believe there is a workaround of sorts with some special permissions and special RC number to dial into.  Support may be able to shed some light on this.
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