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  Please note the community is currently under maintenance and is read-only.
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Launch external application with incoming phone number
Tags: sdk
Aug 30, 2016 at 12:26pm   •   2 replies  •  0 likes

I have set up the desktop app to launch my cloud based case management system. The creators of their software have it set so that it generates me data. They are telling me that RingCentral will then take this data and make it a clickable link or possibly pop up the page. Below is the data generating on a test run. In the bottom few rows is a url path. This needs to be appended with Can you please help me with this matter.


    "results": [          {              "id": {                  "raw_value": "362738",                  "text_value": "362738"              },              "first": {                  "raw_value": "",                  "text_value": "N\/A"              },              "last": {                  "raw_value": "",                  "text_value": "N\/A"              },              "full_name": {                  "raw_value": "Group: JAX",                  "text_value": "Group: JAX"              },              "date_open": {                  "raw_value": "2016-05-06",                  "text_value": "05\/06\/2016"              },              "unique_id": {                  "raw_value": "572cd1a4-cc20-4900-9cde-5d0ad0502004",                  "text_value": "572cd1a4-cc20-4900-9cde-5d0ad0502004"              },              "dob": {                  "raw_value": "",                  "text_value": "N\/A"              },              "identification_number": {                  "raw_value": "16-0362738",                  "text_value": "16-0362738"              },              "legal_problem_code": {                  "raw_value": "8957",                  "text_value": "30 Adoption"              },              "current_disposition": {                  "raw_value": "Case: Open",                  "text_value": "Case: Open"              },              "disposition_status": {                  "raw_value": "Pending Interview",                  "text_value": "Pending Interview"              },              "disposition_date": {                  "raw_value": "2016-05-06",                  "text_value": "05\/06\/2016"              },              "primary_advocate": {                  "raw_value": "1956",                  "text_value": "Virgil Bachtold"              },              "phone_home": {                  "raw_value": "",                  "text_value": "N\/A"              },              "phone_business": {                  "raw_value": "904-535-2673",                  "text_value": "(904) 535-2673"              },              "phone_fax": {                  "raw_value": "",                  "text_value": "N\/A"              },              "phone_mobile": {                  "raw_value": "",                  "text_value": "N\/A"              },              "phone_other": {                  "raw_value": "",                  "text_value": "N\/A"              },              "url": "\/matter\/dynamic-profile\/view\/362738"          }      ],      "error": false,      "error_text": "",      "run_time": "0.12702894210815s"  }
2 Answers
answered on Aug 30, 2016 at 9:45pm  
Your cloud provider, LegalServer, indicates they have an ability to integrate with SMS and VOIP providers, two services RingCentral offers, according to this page:

However, that page does not provide any information on how these integrations work. Can you point to some documentation to help us assist more?

Per the title of your request "Launch external application with incoming phone number", our softphone has the ability to launch third-party apps including cloud apps. In this case, either a CLI command or a web address needs to be configured in each softphone with the command and minimally the caller id parameter to be passed. Do you know if RingCentral's softphone can initiate a page load via your desktop app or the LegalServer web app (typically via a URL with the phone number in it)?

More information on the RingCentral for Desktop softphone for the launch an external app feature is available in the User Guide on page 44 below:

answered on Aug 30, 2016 at 1:28pm  
Our soft phone has the ability to Execute a Command (which allows the ability to make an outbound HTTP request), but that is only for inbound calls and is configured on each soft phone.

From within our standard products, we do not have the ability to view into your cloud based case management system and extract data from their application which is what it sounds as if you wish to do. This would require a custom integration with your cloud based case management system and RingCentral (similar to our Salesforce integration available in the RingCentral App Gallery).

Am I misunderstanding what you're trying to achieve?


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