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Call Park - Works Most of Time, Other Times Only can View Park The Park Call using Soft Phone

Using Polycom VVX450 phones and We have 4 park locations created on Polycom VVX450.When it works, All of the five phones light up when a call is parked and any one of those pones can retrieve the parked call.

When it does not work, a few times a day

Some callers are getting stuck in a park location with no presence light notifying they are parked on any five phones and unable to retrieve i, unless we open the Ring central software it is seen.

It happens occasionally and unable to pin point it. We have had a case created since 7/20/2020 and support is absolutely no help.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

do you have a recommendation on how to narrow down the cause?

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We have a similar issue with Calls showing as Parked but no call is there to pickup. It shows the last caller if pressing the key but it will never go away unless I delete the Park location from all phones and reinstall the presence key on the phones. This is a Retail Environment and we Park alot of callers. I have opened several cases but never got an answer and it is happening more and more frequently now. & cases this week alone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated from Ring Cemtral.

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