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Can you rename a saved Video Meeting recording?

Using Ringcentral Video ( not meeting by Zoom ).

I can name the video mtg if I Schedule, but if I just Start one it always gets tagged with "my name RingCentral Video meeting". I am recording the meeting and would like to rename it so when I look online at my recordings I can tell what it is without opening and playing some of it.

My work-around is to Schedule the mtg NOW by changing the time to current time and name the video mtg to what I want.

Also - the record button is in a great place if you are not sharing your screen. But sharing your screen moves the record / pause under settings and is difficult to navigate to for a quick pause.

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Love hearing from you! Keep us updated and we'll do the same if we should hear something about the arrangement of these features.

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Hi Becky, any update on this feature? Not being able to edit the title is an issue.

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Matt, my understanding is that you can download and rename it to your local computer.
If that isn't explicitly your issue, can you share a few more details so I can dig into it again with the Product Team?

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Any update on this feature request? I specifically want to go into my list of recordings and be able to change the names there, without having to download the recording. Then when I share my recording from this screen, it will have the correct name. I also notice that sometime when I use my personal meeting ID for more than one scheduled meeting, it will use the name of my most recently created meeting for the recording, even I'm recording in a different meeting. This is frustrating if I can't fix the names.

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any updates here? not being able to rename a recording is definitely an issue for us. Also you can't share it with anyone who doesn't have a Ringcentral account? what sense does that make? Finally, why does it take so long to process the video? Zoom does it in 1/10 of the time. RingCentral has a long way to go if they ever want to compete with zoom regarding the recording functionality

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Thanks for this feedback. As I mentioned in my earlier comment. You are able to download and rename. I know it's not the answer everyone wants, but workarounds are there.
We'll keep surfacing with the product team.
You can add your use case and vote here as well:

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Becky-Community_Manager answered dave-grasso commented

Checked in with the RCV team on your question!

They loved your feedback - they'll be adding recording renaming capabilities to the roadmap.

As for the other part of your question about where the record button is - they mentioned they are dealing with limited space, but that they would take your suggestion into consideration.

If you have further questions, happy to dig into it. Appreciate your feedback!

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Up to 8 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 MiB each and 10.0 MiB total.

I am sure there are programming reasons why they have to shrink the width of the control panel window when sharing a screen. Because it is a double click; 3-dots, then pause once a recording starts, it would make much more sense to swap the chat icon at the top of this window and replace with recording pause. Or if they could add hot keys ? I think Meeting had a much more elegant way that showed the record timer and clicking on it to pause.

Thanks for your reply Becky!


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