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Deactivate Old Meetings

It has come to my attention that old meeting links are still active and can be joined by anyone. This generates email notifications to the meeting organizer that attendees are waiting. Recently we have been seeing these emails from unknown attendees like people are trying to hijack meetings or trick organizers into joining. How do we deactivate old meetings? What is the purpose for even having them active in the first place? These are not recurring meetings and are over a month old. I have submitted a support case as well and so far have not made any progress on that front.

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Hi Andrew, we can have this checked. Can you please email us your account information so we can have it checked? Email us at

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Hi Mary,

Thank you for your response. I have emailed community support.

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I noticed the same issue and logged the issue with support. They did not believe me and insisted it was a reoccurring meeting. Once I provided the meeting ID they confirmed that it was a single meeting that had taken place 2 months ago but allowed users to still join.

One thing we noticed is that when people join, it will show the date/time that the meeting took place and keeps them stuck in the lobby. The host/organizer will then receive a notification that the attendees are waiting in the lobby. This was due to someone guessing the meeting id.

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