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Ringcentral Meetings Notifications are delayed - Your meeting attendees are waiting!

My team has been receiving complaints that all of the email notifications are delayed. I had it happen to me today where the meeting started at 9:30AM Central and the attendees had also joined at that time. Since I did not join, it sent me a notification.

The notification sent to me is marked at 9:30AM but did not actually receive it until 9:45AM. Outlook shows a timestamp of being received at 9:45AM but it was sent by the sender at 9:30AM.

Sounds like a queue issue on RingCentral Meetings outbound SMTP server.

Anyone else noticing this?

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Yes there are few delays in the notification email and that can happen due to network congestion and congestion in the mail server. Sometimes the notifications are reaching to mail after that is actually required. But these things happen. Nothing much can be done.

You can check with the backend support team to see any resolution or workaround can be there. But not sure if anything can be done.

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15-30 minutes seems a bit long for network congestion.

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