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Dev Test RingOut to my home phone

Within the RingOut website, I was able to make a sample RingOut work, and it rang my home phone. However, when I POST the RingOut API request using Postman or my own custom app built using Lazarus and FreePascal, I get an "In Progress" response... but my home phone doesn't ring. Is this a problem with my code somewhere, or is it an intentional limitation of the "platform.devtest." environment, and the production RingCentral platform will actually ring my home phone?

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RingOut works on sandbox and production. I believe that there is something wrong in your code. But I can't see so can't say what and why.

Check out the dev guide getting stared code in other programming language here and try with the one you are familiar with.

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Ok, I think the "In Progress" is why my home phone is not ringing. It shd say "Success". Now, I need to figure out how to end that call using the API.

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When I try to make a RingOut call, I get:


"uri" : "<redacted>/extension/<redacted>/ring-out/s-40928fab1791479094d675a5b90308d7",

"id" : "s-40928fab1791479094d675a5b90308d7",

"status" : {

"callStatus" : "InProgress",

"callerStatus" : "InProgress",

"calleeStatus" : "InProgress"



When I get a status, I get the same response ... "In Progress".

I then do a Cancel Ringout, and it completes successfully with a 204. I then get a status and the call is gone (404). However, when I make the call again, the response comes back again with an "In Progress" instead of a "Success" and my home phone ringing.

What is causing the RingOut to be "stuck", not wanting to dial the phone, because it thinks that there is already a call in progress?

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The status will remain in "InProgress" (which is ringing) until both party accepts the ringout call, when it changes to "Success".

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I tried to do a RingOut from the "Try It" button within the RingCentral Dev website and I can't get it to work now. However, in the documentation, at the bottom it says that "InProgress" (200 OK) is actually the correct response. But again, my home phone never rings, even when I call a RingOut from Postman, or my own Lazarus app, even when I get a 200 OK InProgress. I still need an answer to this.

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As far as I remember, it is not working on the API reference page.

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I guess I was lucky, just that one time, about a month ago.

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Josh Harris answered

I had been successfully using ringout from Python for a month or two but it suddenly stopped working a few days ago, around Sept 1 or Aug 31 and now, magically, it is working again this morning.

I used the same code I always have, pretty much a copy of the code from the Python dev page, and I got a response of "InProgress" but my phone no longer rang. When I queried the call status a second time, a few seconds later, I got a status of "GenericError."

My bet is that something was broken on the server side, so I'd suggest trying it again today, since it seems to be back up and working for me.

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Developer sandbox tools

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