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911 improvements

We are in the project deployment stage of moving to RingCentral from Cisco CUCM. On Cisco, we use a 3rd party app to provide notifications based on the location defined for the the phone. So if a person in Dallas dials 911, it will send to a group of people including the GM in Dallas. Every location has its own notification group so that the GM at one site doesn't see the 911 calls for another. As near as I can tell, this is an enterprise setting on RingCentral and is not capable of having different email destinations based on the site.

Considering the difficulties of 911 in the mobile, cloud based world, along with how litigious this country is, I would think that combining Nomadic 911, so if a phone is connecting in through an IP for a location, that would place that user in that site and allow for notifications based on where the call is coming from for those alerts would be a tremendous improvement.

Add in to the RingCentral app a way for a user to have a list of common locations to select from if going from place to place (overridden by Nomadic 911 if they are already coming from one of our sites) would also be a giant benefit over having to type in a new address every time they move.

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