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Call Park Locations

Is it possible through the API to get a list of available park locations, or is it always *801 - *899

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There is API, Call Park on Party API (Beta), that helps to park a call into a standard park location:

It Parks a call to a virtual location from where it can further be retrieved by any user from any phone of the system. Park locations are automatically assigned by the RingCentral system and ranging 801-899 .

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Thanks Anirban, I have no problem performing the park and processing the updated status to know which park location it has gone to, I just wanted to confirm if the range was always 801-899 or if it might be some other range - you have answered my question

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Call parking is a terrible experience for our receptionists. We wanted to use individual park lines on phones and got it all set up and then realized that on the HUD, PRIOR to having a call come in, a receptionist can filter/search for a user and see the user and their park line like this:

John Doe

Park John Doe

However, if they are on a call and click the park line, all they get is a single file list of all employees and park locations which they have to scroll through without the ability to search/filter. That's insane. Please tell me the new version of the software HUD will have the ability to quickly filter for a name.

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@Oak Norton That is a great idea for our Ideas Portal. Can I suggest you submit that idea to our product team for them to review?

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