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"Scan To Fax" missing on the latest RingCentral App (Win & Mac)

Please tell me if I am missing something.

I am an IT for several medical offices. These offices have been paying for the Fax service for years and they like the feature to Scan-to-Fax built into the old RingCentral Phone (SoftPhone) application for their desktops.

The new RingCentral app variation just seems to be a web app put into windowed form. The interface seems fine, but for faxing productivity.... what used to take one to two clicks to scan & fax a document from with the old RingCentral (Softphone) app, now takes a lot more effort because you have to scan with an external application, then switch back into the new RingCentral App to attach the file, then send.

I recently upgraded an pediatric offices systems and software with the latest versions of all apps. Except now I had to roll back to a workable version of RingCentral that has built in "scan to fax" support.

Medical offices that I work with all have enterprise document scanners (TWAIN) at each workstation, so they are ready to scan and save/send. They do not have the time or patience to use a software and service that doesn't have a TWAIN compatible scanner support.

Thanks for reading this post and your efforts.

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Thanks for this post @Phong Tran. I will share this with our Product Managers, also you can post it to our idea portal. Click here! Thank you for your patience.

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