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Acuity Integration with RingCentral Meetings

We would like to integrate Acuity scheduling with RingCentral meetings. We have the following request from one of our staff below"

"In Acuity (, there is a section on the left nav for Integrations. It is currently integrated with Zoom, but under the old license for MGMA, so when I go to tie calendars to Zoom to autogenerate meeting links, there are very limited staff options as we now have Zoom through RingCentral. Is it possible to redo the integration with the RingCentral info instead?

Is this possible? I opened a ticket with RC and was told "we do not have Acuity Integrations. It is possible that this feature will be included in a future release"

We would like to request this feature.

Thank you.


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Hello@Bill Drexler, thanks for opening a case in this concern. I highly suggest posting this in our idea portal. I will also share this with our Product Manager. Thank you!

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Thank you Jenn for the suggestion and sharing this with your Product Manager. This is definitely something we will need in the near future. I have posted the idea in the idea portal. Thank you again.

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Hi Bill,

Zapier powers two RingCentral/Acuity integrations. I'm not sure if they will suit your ask 100%, but it may be worth taking a look:

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Hi Jessica,

Thank you. I will forward this information to our DEV team.

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