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Virtual Background System Requirements are Excessive

The requirements to run a virtual background without green screen on macos 10.14 and higher is ridiculous, with the i7 cpu requirement. Zoom, which RC meetings is based off, does not have these requirements, so what is with RC code that is so poor forcing the higher requirements.

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Were having the same pain with intel i7 processors on surface laptop 2 and surface laptop 3. They boost to well over 3ghz but RC still says not sufficient to do virtual background without a green screen. It works fine in the legacy rc meeting client. No issues in other meeting software such as teams and zoom.

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I gues you can share your concern with regarding the product. They will take appropriate action.

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I agree with David and Matt. this is beyond silly. that is like saying hey you can have a bowl of ice-cream but only if you have bone china bowls. why does Ring Central hate the Mac users?

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Not just the Macs. I have a few i5s and an i9 Dell laptop that are throwing the same ridiculous error.

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My computer slows down to the point I can't keep the video call connected. Any settings I should be looking at? Using a Surfacebook 2

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Hello Robert,

Please check if your hardware specifications meets the required system requirements.

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