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Screen Share Error


I am getting Screen Share Error. "Screen sharing has failed to start. Please try later. Error Code: 105002.

Any help?



screen share
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Hello @Dipesh Parmar, apologies! Can you try to uninstall the app and reinstall it, please? Thank you!

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Hi @teresa-habeck, have you tried to uninstall/reinstall your app?

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Unfortunately that is all i do lately is uninstall you apps and re-instll them Had to do this 3 time last month.

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Please check if your computer is compatible with RingCentral Meetings - System Requirements.

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So i unistalled and re-installed all apps (again) YES, my computer meets the requirements. And not it still does not work 1617642955973.png

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After more testing I can join the meeting using RingCentral Meeting fin and share the screen no problem. When i Join the meeting with RingCentral App (GLIP) i am unable to share the screen and get Error Codes above or Error Code 0

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Thanks for isolating where the issue is coming from, Teresa. Inform our Tech Support about this.

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