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Unable to call 311 using a digital line (desk phone) or RingCentral App

How to call 311 using a digital line (desk phone) or RingCentral App?

Calling RC App shows:

Wrong extension

Entered extension is not present in your account's extensions. Please check the number and try again.

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It may be in your SIP DigitMap - which if you don't know what you'd be changing, I would not.

We went from a 3-digit to a 4-digit extension and suddenly our phones would not dial one of our sites. Turned out to be that the masking on one of the Digitmap rules rewrote it.

Example from a Yealink 21P: (under Setting / Dial Plan)


This would have to be updated on each phone, via the GUI.

Hope that helps.

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Voting for this.

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@Jemdell Dela Cruz If this is a feature request, please put it in the Ideas Portal found HERE.

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