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Replacement for analog Viking door intercom box?

Help! Replacing a Viking analog door box that connected to a co line port of a digital system. Does anyone have a recommendation on a replacement that will work on RingCentral? We have allocated a Standard license to this. We have wired network cable to this exterior location. Has anyone installed a Viking E20 IP ? Thanks!

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Has this been resolved. Has RingCentral integrated with Viking Door Systems. We were told our Viking Door System would work; however, when we got on the phone to provision we were told otherwise. Any information would be great.

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What's the model # of the Viking? And what exactly isn't working and what have you tried?

I've never done a Viking door phone but have done numerous Algo and Cyberdata without issue. As long as it's SIP based, I don't see why it won't work.

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jenn-community-moderator answered James Cross commented

Hello @Mary Dine, we don't support this kind of phone. However, we can try to provision the phone through our best effort. You can open a case HERE, and our phone support will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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This is common business need. You need to get this done.

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