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want to cancel account

I'm within 30 days. Please cancel my account

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How do I delete my account. Some time I can log in, other times I cant. Doesn't allow me use extensions.


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@Scott R Freerksen You need to connect with your Account Manager, as we are unable to cancel your account via the Community.

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i am disconnected when I call

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How do I get to an account manager. I am disconnected everytime I call

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Norma, it appears your issue has been escalated to our Customer Retention team.
If you do not hear back from them, please reach out to us at

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I want to cancel my account and keep getting disconnected by your system when I try to connect to the cancellation dept. Please help

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Tracie, has this issue been sorted?
If not, we're happy to assist.

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It's still not resolved. And my credit card was billed. I have only been. Member for 3 days and this is not going well at all. Everytime I call on hold for 10 min and call just keeps disconnecting on your end. I'm starting to lose patience. Please cancel my account now and issue a full refund and I am not authurizing any more charges!! Complaint will be filed if not processed within 24 hrs. Second notice

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@Tracie Johnson If this is a fax only account, you can access your account through the Admin Portal and cancel.
Directions can be found here:

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