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Simultaneous incoming voip calls on 1 digital line

We are currently using RingCentral voip service using the w52p physical phones, and have the single line plan with four phones. We noticed that when to calls are being answered, the third incoming call goes to voicemail. I called ringcentral, and they representative stated that there can be only two simultaneous calls per digital line. I am writing to see if anybody else can confirm this before I pay for a second digital line. According to the rep this would give us the capacity for four simultaneous incoming calls.

We used to yelling w-52p phone system, this is advertised by the manufacturer to support for simultaneous calls. However according to the RingCentral representative, each digital line on ringCentral only supports two simultaneous incoming calls.

Is the response from the representative realistic and appropriate? Do I have other options in terms of voip

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