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Zapier Integration Modification: Would like RingCentral to be an "Instant Trigger" so that texts can instantly turn into actions

We send and receive a lot of text messages throughout the day, as we use our business RingCentral number to message and communicate with our customers.

We use Zapier to integrate your app with other apps and it's been working great for us to automate customer service messages and status updates.

One thing I'm specifically needing your assistance on is turning your Zapier "New SMS" Trigger into an "Instant Trigger" - Many popular companies are doing this these days, like Slack & Freshdesk to name two that we use. Instant Triggers (versus a five-minute delay) are great because it allows us to be super efficient with internal communications and we'd love to have the same sort of efficiency with customer communications and internal organization.

The specific zap I'd like to use this with right away is the following - RingCentral: New SMS => Todoist >> New Task Action. We use this zap already, in order to create a task when a new SMS comes in, and then we have another zap that then finds and completes that task once we reply back to that SMS. This setup works great if we're communicating with a customer over five minutes after a customer texts us (as it currently takes 5 minutes for your app to trigger our actions in Zapier). But if we text them back one minute later, and they instantly text us back, and we get back to them all gets messed up and this zap setup doesn't work. This leaves us with MANY todos that don't get checked off at the end of any given day.

For us, we're using this setup to make sure we don't miss replying to our customer communications as your softphone app isn't really designed for the number of text messages we have with different customers throughout the day. If you want feedback on this, how I think your soft-phone app should be more geared towards business SMS, let me know and I'll elaborate on a different thread.

SO... :) In summary, we're using Todoist to keep track of who we haven't replied to yet, but it doesn't work well unless your 'New SMS' Trigger is instant. Think you can make this Trigger instant for all of your awesome RingCentral+Zapier customers? It would sure help us out and most likely get you more small business customers because of the new 'customer support' & 'marketing' possibilities it would open up to others. :)

Thanks so much, looking forward to your quick reply!


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Do you think RingCentral can make this happen?
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Today, you can do a Zapier instant trigger via a webhook but you need to host a webhook proxy between RingCentral's outbound webhook and Zapier's inbound webhook. This is because RingCentral's webhook capability requires a Verification Token in the response and also periodic renewals. If you are interested in setting this up, we can provide more information on how to do this.

We are looking at ways we can support this more directly without an intermediary but this isn't available yet.
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I would appreciate more information on how to do this! Setting up an intermediary. Thank you!
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I've put together a quick demo here. This is in Go but the concept is very easy to support and can be done in other languages.
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I've responded on the GitHub issue you created.
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Thank you for this!

I've installed go server locally, setup ngork (it's running successfully), I've modified my credentials and I'm trying to run the go.server file. 

I say "Trying" because even though I'm following your instructions nothing is happening after I 'createhook.'

One thing I'm confused about, how do I know if the 'createhook' action is working? Will there be an actual file output somewhere (like to the directory where my ngrok URL is pointing)?

Finally, I noticed that your "MY_URL" example ended with the directory of "/webhook/" I currently have mine (in the .ent file) going to the direct ngrok URL (which ultimately is going to my localhost on my computer) with no additional directories at the end of the URL. Is this accurate? 
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Did you ever get this working? I need instant SMS as well

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Developer sandbox tools

Using the RingCentral Phone for Desktop, you can dial or receive test calls, send and receive test SMS or Fax messages in your sandbox environment.

Download RingCentral Phone for Desktop:

Tip: switch to the "sandbox mode" before logging in the app:

  • On MacOS: press "fn + command + f2" keys
  • On Windows: press "Ctrl + F2" keys