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Trying to get the status of faxes appears to work if I go through the call log but not the message store

I'm using the C# SDK. It appears that I can get everything back when I call the CallLog, but if I go through the messagesStore, I always get back 0 records. I'm assuming I should be going through the messageStore and not the call logs?

My goal is to build a portal to show people which faxes did not success.

Here's what I'm doing:

ListMessagesParameters parameters = new ListMessagesParameters();

String[] myTypes = new String[1]
myTypes[0] = "Fax";
parameters.messageType = myTypes;
RingCentral.GetMessageList response = await rc.Restapi().Account().Extension().MessageStore().List(parameters);

This returns 0 records.

But this returns everything about the faxes (those that didn't make it, busy signal, etc.)

var callLogResponse = await rc.Restapi().Account().CallLog().List(new ReadCompanyCallLogParameters



action: "Outgoing Fax"

billing: null

@delegate: null

deleted: null

direction: "Outbound"

duration: 37

extension: {RingCentral.ExtensionInfoCallLog}

@from: {RingCentral.CallLogCallerInfo}

id: "4fg8XIBj2p7ussA"

lastModifiedTime: null

legs: null

message: {RingCentral.CallLogRecordMessage}

reason: "Fax Not Sent"

reasonDescription: "An attempt to send the fax was made, but could not connect with the receiving fax machine."

recording: null

result: "Fax Not Sent"

sessionId: "-363044400502"

shortRecording: null

startTime: "2020-12-09T16:23:40.596Z"

telephonySessionId: null

to: {RingCentral.CallLogCallerInfo}

transport: null

@type: "Fax"

uri: ""

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Never mind, I think I figured it out, if you don't put dates in it returns nothing.

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