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RingCentral App Favorites

In the RC Phone app, there were favorites. I don't see that in the new RingCentral app. Do I understand it correctly that there are no Favorites that frequently-called Contacts can be assigned to?

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Same here. The new app (RC v21.1.30.746) only allows users to re-select former Favorites - their favorites from the classic app. How are new Favorites created? Users should be able to designate ANY frequently contacted contacts as Favorites, but the new app does not seem to allow for it.

In addition, the Favorite list only appears under "Message", not Contacts. We do not use RC Messaging here, we only use RC as a phone/fax system.

Need to create new Favorites and they need to be included as a header in Contacts.

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Please add your votes for this feature here.

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If you feel some features are missing or need to be added again or any other requirement, how about create that as an idea here and notify the RC about the requirement so that they can review it and resolve this in new releases

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You are a phone company if I understand your primary service. You had the favorites in the prior software that everyone loved. You removed that feature.

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