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Extra Charges are coming through my Telus bill when using my RingOut function

I have built a RingCentral "RingOut" app in the sandbox. According to the instructions, I was to use the "Main Number", assigned by Ring Central, starting with 1-866, for the production version. The access key and password go with that 1-866 number. However, that is not the phone number our customers recognize. Our Call Display number is a local Edmonton number. Now, every call my users make, using my RingOut app appears on my monthly phone bill as a separate charge, and it's costing me a bundle of cash to use this feature. The other problem is, because our customers don't recognize the 1-866 phone number, they are not answering our calls. My question is, "Is it possible for my RingOut app to use our normal, local, "Call Display" business number, so that our customers can recognize our number when we call, and also, so that I won't be charged for using my RingOut app?

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Hi @Tammy Wolski, it would be best to discuss this with your Account Manager.

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