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Yordanos Ayele asked Eric Olsen commented

Tool to Read JSON files for Glip Compliance Export

Regarding the Glip Compliance Export, can a tool be created on RingCentral to easily view and search the data in the files? This would allow customers to easily view the data and be able to generate a report for example.

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Justin Cahill avatar image Justin Cahill commented ·

This would be helpful for our team to review Glip exports more easily.

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Tylor W avatar image Tylor W commented ·

We would find this very useful as well. Navigating these JSON files can be challenging in larger environments.

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Patrick Lewis avatar image Patrick Lewis commented ·

Same. As a partner, we either have to advise clients to keep users in an active state after the employee leaves, in case messages are needed, or rely on the JSON dump of data. RingCentral should provide a tool to read the archives that they provide, and not rely on their clients to have programmers on staff to do this task.

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Byrne Reese avatar image Byrne Reese ♦♦ commented ·

One more question, I apologize. What exactly are you trying to accomplish or produce in the end? The use case here will help inform our efforts internally about how best to recommend you solve the problem at hand.

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Patrick Lewis avatar image Patrick Lewis Byrne Reese ♦♦ commented ·
Example case: Employee is fired for bad conduct and HR needs the records of the messages sent/received. While the data export is technically the data requested, this is not useful to anyone without manipulation of the data. The IDs need to be replaced and the entries re-collated into their conversations. Perfect world, HR has access to perform the export themselves, and they read/file the data directly, without requiring IT to get involved.
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Byrne Reese avatar image Byrne Reese ♦♦ Patrick Lewis commented ·

@Patrick Lewis Thank you for that insight and feedback. I can see why the export format would be frustrating for you as it was not designed for this use case. Its primary function was one of data archival, not in helping people reconstitute past conversation history into a browsable format.

Such a tool could be constructed, but it would not be trivial to build. I would encourage you to submit this capability to It sound like what you need is the ability or a superuser to view and read any message on the system, and the ability to view deleted or removed users as well. Does that sound right?

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Suyash Joshi avatar image Suyash Joshi ♦ commented ·

Would you be interested in a programmatic solution to this ? If so, what langauge/framework you are using and perhaps I can share a tutorial on how to export JSON to CSV in that.

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Patrick Lewis avatar image Patrick Lewis Suyash Joshi ♦ commented ·

What we would need is something that takes in the data from the export, and collates the comments back into a message format that is readable by non-IT. The file(s) would need to be able to be read without requiring the reference back to find out what an ID for a user or conversation thread is translated to.

This is just a dump of the database data that RingCentral has stored, and while this is what is being requested in essence, the fact that RingCentral seems to expect the client to code a solution or muddle through on their own is hindering the usage of the feature.

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Craig Chan answered Eric Olsen commented

Have you been able to review the Support Article? It has some links to tools that will convert the JSON to CSV for easier consumption, review and search of the message records.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache commented ·

What RC needs to have is an external tool available to read/parse/sort/search - all of the archive files that get generated from an 'Archive' dump.

AND - it needs to be in a readable form that is Manager proof. By this I mean any ID10T IT manager can see the GUI and figure it out - so as to train their other staff.

I get request from department managers to see chats/calls between staff or clients - and right now the only way is to log in as one of those users - something that should not be!

The utility needs to:

- Read the archive files.
- Parse out and sort to a temp file to then display/be able to search.
- Show ALL fields, and allow for a custom number of fields to be shown - including shifting/sort order.
- Allow for the print/export of just THAT text, and not the JSON data - so that a human readable page/print can be created for HR, records, etc.

I'd be happy to Beta this... :)

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Patrick Lewis avatar image Patrick Lewis Joe Cache commented ·

This was stated excellently. We need a way to be able to empower employees with administrative need and lacking IT knowledge, to use the export created by RingCentral. Whether this is a different export tool, a secondary tool that the export is run through, or a change to the current export: the data provided to or exported by managerial staff should be readable by those with little to no IT knowledge.

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Patrick Lewis avatar image Patrick Lewis commented ·

This is not an answer to the question. These tools convert the files from JSON to CSV. While a CSV can be opened in Excel to order the conversations by column, it does not change the fact that we are forced to go from file to file, to reference IDs for the conversation and creator. Given this is the method RingCentral has chosen to perform their exports, RingCentral should be able to provide an application (without placing potentially sensitive data on the web) that allows for the reading of data by non-IT personnel. An HR manager is the target audience for this data, not a code monkey.

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Craig Chan avatar image Craig Chan ♦ Patrick Lewis commented ·


Your request is different. The original request was a tool to view and search the file. Sounds like you are looking for something easier to manage archives of people that leave the company and are disabled from the messaging in teams (glip) for compliance. But you don't want to export to files or manage files. I think answering Byrne's question will help clarify what you are looking for.

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Eric Olsen avatar image Eric Olsen commented ·

I'm working on developing this. Will share once completed and approved by RC.

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