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Call Queues - Rotating

I have a call queue set on rotating but the calls come in based on how long someone has been idle. So if i have a guy who makes a lot of outbound calls he wont get many of these calls because he wont be idle for long. however if I have a lazy person who isn't making many outbound calls and is only working the inbound calls then he will be idle for longer every time and in turn get the bulk of the inbound calls.

Id like this to just rotate through people and if someone is one a call it will just skip him and go to the next guy. for example if someone is ext. 101 he gets the first call then ext. 102 gets the next and if ext. 103 is on the call it will just go to the person at 104 and etc..

is this possible ?

call queues
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Hi @Todd Jennings, you may try sequential order instead. It will ring available members one at a time in the configured order. If any of those members are unavailable, it will automatically skip it and ring the next one instead.

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The issue with sequential is that the person with ext 101 will always be the first option and the person at ext 110 will never get a call because every call starts with ext 101 and we will never have 9 people miss a call or all be on the phone.

Id like it that if the person at ext 101 picked up the first call of the day then the 2nd call will go to ext 102.

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That's right, @Todd Jennings, you can submit your Idea in our Ideas Portal here.

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