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Possible to display two different CallerID's...TEXT

Hello. Clearly it's simple to give users the ability to change what number they display when the call out.

But we have a group that is looking to allow users to show two different CallerID text options.

We have one Master Account Site which is more like a master billing Site/Account. No active users/lines. Under that Master Account, we have a Site. From this site, we want to give the users to that site the ability to show two different names.

Calling From same site/extension Number CallerID Display
Acme Widgets 888-555-1212 ACME WIDGETS
Acme Things 777-555-1212 ACME THINGS

Seems absent any customizations, the only way to accomplish this would be to create another Site and assign a second account/user to those who need to do this. They will have to have two accounts with two email addresses. They can log into one account/site via the RC app on their PC and they can log into the other account/site via the RC Web App. We may even have to assign a desk phone to one account/site.

Any feedback or suggestions would be more than welcomed. :)

caller id
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Thank you. Sorry for the late response. Idea has been posted here.

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You can ask as a feature and share your requirement here. Let RC team review your requirement and check the limitation. Hopefully they can implement in future

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