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Delete Glip-Only Users

With the introduction of the new all in one RingCentral app, admins can no longer delete Glip-only users on our account that are not tied to a RC phone extension.

This is a huge security problem. When a user leaves the company, there's no way to prevent them from continuing to use RingCentral via their Glip-Only login. Even if I delete their email from our organization, it's still a functional login for RingCentral. Short of granting myself permissions to the terminated user's email and then sending a self-reset, I have no way to manage/disable these users.

This option still exists in the Classic app. We've been advised that Classic will be retired soon (May?) so there is some real urgency here...

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mel47 avatar image mel47 commented ·

Would add my voice to this post. I will be switched next week to the new app which doesn't allow me to remove users. Only guests could be removed. It's definitively a problem.

PS I have a Glip pro account (not ringoffice).

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Adding my voice as well. This is extremely frustrating. If there is not a way to do it from our end, is there a way for ringcentral to remove a user from our company?

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matt-gregory10471 avatar image matt-gregory10471 commented ·

Even that is a pain, to have to contact support for every user termination? The old Glip allowed this, it's an existing feature that's been removed. To allow user self signup with no means to remove those users when they're no longer with the company is a swiss cheese architecture.

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rafi2637182015 avatar image rafi2637182015 commented ·

Spent 2-4 combined hours on chat and then phone with RC support until finally from their side they removed our old employees manually.

The first several agents I spoke to didn't even seem to realize you could have non-phone ext users on your company glip/messaging. Finally I got to one that recognized the issue, researched it, and determined that with the new app the only way is for them to manually do it for us every time. Talk about making more work for themselves!

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Mitchell Craver avatar image Mitchell Craver commented ·

Has there been any movement on this issue? We have a disgruntled, non-phone extension user who was just terminated from our organization and we are not able to get him out of the system... Is there literally no way to remove these users?

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matt-gregory10471 avatar image matt-gregory10471 Mitchell Craver commented ·

16 months later, the short answer in my experience is no. If the user was a self service addition pre All-in-one app you have to get RC support to remove them. Due to RC completely ignoring this gaping hole we've had to restructure our processes and eliminate self service signup all together. If you manually add new users via the RC admin portal as Video Pro users, you can delete them that way, but no change at all regarding deletion of users predating the major 2021 update. piss poor customer service.

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Mitchell Craver avatar image Mitchell Craver matt-gregory10471 commented ·

Thanks, Matt. I can't even speak with anyone on support. I seem to get dumped into a black hole every time I call support.

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