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I'm writing this message a second time since the first one didn't go through after clicking on 'Post your question'?? I've also called the support line twice and started a ticket but both calls dropped.

The first time I noticed the issue and learned to live with, was the way texts appeared when using the mobile app on my android. Texts were not in chronological order. The workaround for me was simply to then log into my desktop app and the texts seemed to be in order. But now it’s happening on the desktop app. I type out a message hit enter and it doesn’t appear and/or the texts get jumbled with other responses from previous days.

Today I got as far as having the second technician say that its a known issue and due to having multiple internal staff (3) logged into the 1 desktop account (who all work remotely) who are monitoring the texts is the cause and asked me to then add a request to the Community page?? One of the main reasons why we chose Ringcentral was due to the texting feature. We needed to be able to communicate with our field staff on a daily basis by using one main business line. When we recently added another internal staff to our team, no one ever said that texting would be an issue.

Additionally, we’ve been experiencing ongoing reception issues and needed to resort to using my personal phone number for call backs.

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@Susana Solman Sorry about the posting challenges you experienced.
We'd like to help.
I can see your open case and understand that the agent sent you to the Community because the feature you're using doesn't work quite the way you'd like it to - this usually means a customer has a feature request or idea about the product that they'd like to submit.

However, my understanding is that having three staff logged into the same account causes some of the challenges you're experiencing.

My recommendation would be to connect you with your account manager to discuss expectations and options.

I'm going to have someone from my team do that and I'd ask that you let us know if you don't hear back from your account manager.
You are welcome to reach out to us at and someone from my team will facilitate.

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