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Queue-based Caller ID or by number based Caller ID

We are requesting the addition of either Call queue-based Caller ID (The Caller ID you are apart of determines the Caller ID) or adding Caller ID to individual system phone numbers on the account.

We have a customer with multiple businesses operating out of the same phone system, but the users branch across the 3 different companies. They can easily take the calls for X Y and Z Company, but as it is currently, they cannot call out and show as that company name, unless they change their caller ID on their user account. And even then, it only shows the phone number currently for the queue, not the Company Name associated to that queue.

Another way to go about this is to modify Multi-site = Allow users to be apart of multiple sites. I was informed Multisite allows you to call out as those specific locations number, and have caller ID for that location. Currently, a user can only be apart of a single site, and cannot be apart of multiple sites.

Either way, this is important, and I know this customer probably isn't the only one who has requested a similar feature.

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Hi Michael, for feature requests, please submit it in our Ideas Portal at

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