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Warm Transfer "Ask First" Feature Not Working Properly

Here is the issue with "ask first" not working all the time:

Agent 1 answers call from call queue

Agent 1 then searches for Agent 2, clicks on Agent 2 name, then clicks on "ask first" to warm transfer the call that came into the queue.

The system then calls Agent 2, Agent 2 picks up the phone but cannot hear Agent 1. In turn Agent 1 doesn't hear Agent 2 and cannot "ask first" to transfer the call. There's just "dead air" on both ends.

When "ask first" doesn't work, the greeting and hold music is "cut" when Agent 1 clicks on "ask first" and there is no hold music when calling Agent 2. This is the "tell" to Agent 1 that "ask first" is going to fail.

Is this a known issue with "ask first" not working all the time? Is there a fix?

Version: Web, Windows

Date: 2021-04-28 08:50:06

call forwarding
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Hi Laurie, we don't have a reported known issue. Please reach out to Technical Support via creating a case online or calling the hotline at 1-888-898-4591.

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