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Ring Central Meetings microphone dying part way through a meeting


Has anyone else been experiencing their microphone randomly cut out when on a RingCentral Meetings call? This has started to happen to us recently and it's extremely frustrating to have to call in or leave the meeting and then re-join.

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Dean Manelis avatar image Dean Manelis commented ·

Was there ever any resolution to this issue? We are experiencing the exact same problem. Ten minutes into a twenty-minute meeting and the mic quits working. We have to either disconnect and reconnect or call in on a phone.

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Dan Gruza avatar image Dan Gruza Dean Manelis commented ·

Hey Dean,

For us, this was not resolved. Support gave us lots of things to try but with frustrated users trying to conduct business meetings with this issue, we gave the troubled users full Zoom licenses. I think the last thing we tried was disabling automatic microphone adjustment within the Meetings settings but by then we gave up without knowing if that would solve it.

We think Meetings is using a version of Zoom that is very old (just to stay compliant until their contract expires) and older bugs are there. We've had so many issues with any sort of video conferencing RingCentral has.

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Anirban avatar image Anirban commented ·

I guess you can create a support ticket here regarding the issue. The support team can definitely help you in resolving the issue or suggest workaround.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

Hey, @Dan Gruza - I haven't heard about this issue.

What kind of computer are you using?
Is everyone on the most recent version of the app?

Share a few more details and we can either get you some clarifying Knowledge Base articles or we can help get a case opened for you to troubleshoot the issue with the Support team.

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Dan Gruza avatar image Dan Gruza commented ·

Hey @Becky-Community_Manager

We had a feeling it was being caused by some new Dell Latitude 5510s we have purchased running Windows 10 with the latest version of the app. However, we just got a report that someone with a Surface Pro 6 that is a few years old running Windows 10 is now experiencing the issue.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Dan Gruza commented ·

Hmmm, the fact that this isn't just one user, but many makes me think that creating a Support case might be your best bet.
If there is a known issue, they can update you with that...and if there isn't, you may be sharing information that will help us identify an item that needs attention.

Please create a support case here - and if you should need any other assistance or we can support you further, please message us at

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Same exact problem at our company. Running RC Meetings app v21.4.4 (rebranded Zoom) on Windows 10 OS. Microphone just cuts out after 9-10 minutes into the meeting with no way to recover. User ends up calling into the meeting from a mobile embarrassing.

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