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Is Bridged-Appearance of same number on multiple phones available in June?

I am new to Ring Central migrating from Avaya. We heavily use "3-4 bridged appearances" on phones at truck terminals. Is there a similar feature/button that can do the same on RC? ty

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We are in the same situation with the need for bridged-appearances. The one feature that is not available is the ability when selecting a line appearance to be able to present the caller ID of the bridged line selected.

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We were told this feature would be released in June, as it was a requirement based in our RFP. But I noticed it was not on the released feature call yesterday.

Stay in touch :) !

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Are you looking for something similar to this 'Bridged Call Appearance '?

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Hi Anirban. I'm not familiar enough yet...we are in discovery right now. An example, we have 6 phones at a truck terminal. The main line/number rings on 4 bridged appearances on EACH phone. They can place that call simply on hold, and tell dispatch to pick up on whichever one is on hold on another phone. So I would have station 4334 on my phone on 4 buttons, as would all other phones and anyone can place those on hold and pick it up simply by pressing the button. NO FEATURE CODE. ty

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Example, all 6 phones would have their primary as this bridged number, and anyone can answer/put on hold/go just press that key and answer anywhere a the terminal. Thanks again.


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