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Easy Account Switch Solution?

I'm a dual account holder with two different companies. I have the main RC account (direct #) that I use for all activities and then I have an ext-only account (call 800# and dial ext) for my client. Most of my client's callers use my direct # but we use the RC desktop (formerly Glip) to communicate during the day or make quick calls with each other.

With the recent retirement of the RC desktop and softphone, I'm in need of a workaround. I tried setting up an ext /speed dial from my direct # but it's not working. Does anyone have a workaround?

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Teresa, just seeing your post now. So sorry this one slipped through the cracks. Were you able to sort a solution?

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No solution as of yet and it's only getting worse with the two step verification process. The easy solutions would be to restore the RC Mobile app or take of the switch notification that appear so you can still use the app. This would be a good work around until you have a switch account feature.

We are heading down the road of looking for a different solution.

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Let me try to find the case for your issue and take a deeper look.

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