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Stop auto launch

I do not want RingCentral to launch on startup of my computer. I've removed the shortcut from my startup folder and it keeps reinstalling itself every couple of days. I want this to stop. I've look all through the setting of RC and looked at settings, apps, startup and it's not in there. So why does it keep doing this? Make it stop! I want to turn it on when I need it, and not be on when I don't need it.

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Hello @Tamara Price, do you see this in your app?


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Oh goodness. I was looking all through settings and didn't even look at the file menu. I removed the check, hopefully that stops it from reinstalling itself. Thank you!

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Tamara Price commented ·

You're welcome. Let us know if it's still the same.

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As an administrator, is there a way to stop auto launch for all users? Everyone is complaining that this feature snuck in.

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