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Photo of HootSuite App
Call Queue: additional forwarding rules
In response to Michael Valdes on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/706585745/pos... Under "Call Queues"/"Call handling"/"Member availab...
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September Feature Release Preview
Our next release of new features and upgrades is scheduled to start mid-August. See below for a preview of what’s new and register for ou...
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Photo of RWhite
Conference Calling: Customize conference line number
It would make a huge difference for our company if RingCentral allowed its users to customize the number that we use to access the confer...
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Photo of Kelsey Charron
After Hours Call Routing - IVR & Groups
Our account was setup so that if a call comes in to our main line after our business hours, it will play a custom message that advises th...
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Photo of MileHighWelch
Alert caller the system is ringing another device
New to RC and VoIP in general. Users like the call handling feature to go from Desk to Cell to Home, etc. The problem is with all these...
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Photo of Catrin
Call Queue: Ability for Admin/Queue manager to log user in/out of queue
It would be helpful to allow an Admin to log an absent user out from a queue if they forgot to log out.
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Photo of STORAGE
Call Screening
Would like Call screening to be able to differentiate between internal external calls.
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Photo of Kim Cruson
Answering the phone
Currently, the caller encounters an automated answering program. We would rather answer the phone live. Is that possible? Also, the phone...
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Photo of Elishia
Admin: Turn off notification when admin makes a change
Is it possible to turn off the user notification emails that are automatically sent out whenever the admin makes an adjustment to either ...
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Photo of Richard Callaway
Contacts: share my Personal Contacts with all users
We need a central company wide "Personal Contact List" which auto updates every day as new contacts are added. One way would be to allow ...
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Photo of Talanton_Insurance
Feature Request: Glip / RingCentral App - Align Text Outbound Caller ID to Match RC Phone & Desktop Configuration
Account Type: RingCentral USA Business: Insurance Agency High Level Description: Glip Oubtound Caller ID on Texts to Match RingCentra...
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Photo of Joseph Roberts
Admin: View if "Accept Call Queue Calls" is toggled On/Off for users
We are a US based web hosting company with many remote users who are located in several different countries. We can see when a user has t...
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Photo of Matt Brancato
Glip - Ability to update user profile email.
1) US (But i would think it would be useful anywhere) 2) Fintech 3) Allow admins to change the email a user uses to sign in with without ...
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Photo of JJ
Desktop lines keep becoming unregistered
We have Polycom VVX311 phones installed. At certain times they have become unregistered. Our internet connection has been fine and runnin...
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Photo of Matt Ready
Toll Free Minutes Tracker
I would like to see a feature where we can track our minutes usage. I am namely interested in tracking our toll-free minutes usage. This ...
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